9 Tattoo designs to Consider before getting a homemade tattoo machine

Before you go to a tattoo artist to get a tattoo with a creative work of art, consider some common designs of tattoos. Naples abounds in mainstream art galleries and design parlors displaying tattoo patterns that can truly make heads turn. When you look around this colorful world of tattoo designs you will possibly feel puzzled about which pattern to choose. The following guide about the nine most popular tattoo patterns will help you choose the one best complementing your personality.

Star tattoo: It could reflect anything from the goal of your life, the birth of a child your astronomical ambition to touch the stars or simply your bright future. A tattoo artist can elaborate the meaning of a star tattoo depending on its number of points. http://www.idealhere.com/wholesale-Tattoo_c68

Butterfly tattoo:
The tender elegance of the wings butterfly has been always connected with spring, life and rebirth. Their mystifying quality also associates them with nature’s magical fairy creatures. A butterfly tattoo could also emanate the purity, gentleness and loving nature of your personality. When inked in strategic parts of the female body it could also highlight her sexy and lively qualities.

Cross tattoo: A cross is a dominant Christian symbol and can express your closeness to and reverence for God. Angel tattoo: Angels are vowed as protecting spirits and you could wear an angel pattern in your body in remembrance of a dear, departed soul who you believe is in the loving care of the angels away from the world.

Skull tattoo: You could depict a skull on your body if you want to highlight a daredevil attitude. However, a skull tattoo is no more the prerogative of macho and mean class of boys.

Celtic tattoo: The fantastic intricacy and completeness of its pattern makes it a popular choice of tattoo with art lovers. You could also use a Celtic tattoo depicting a prayer posture as a sign of your love for the religious faith of the ancient civilizations.

Japanese tattoo: These incorporate a variety of motifs including fish, flowers, snake, phoenix and Japanese characters. Each of these reflects some aspect of the Japanese cultural history and Oriental mysticism. Tiger tattoo.

Tigers are synonymous with beauty strength courage violence pride and passion. A tiger tattoo is seen as a good luck charm for warding off evil influences from families and businesses. Flower tattoo Flowers bring out the beauty and feminine grace of women in general. The significance of individual flowers could vary with their colors shapes and the cultural context in which a tattoo artist inks one. If only things were that easy! Take all claims with a grain of salt no matter what advertisers try to convince you of! Wake up! There is no magic process that will get you rid of the no-longer wanted tattoos. http://www.idealhere.com/Tattoo-Machines_c238

These are just 9 of the most popular tattoos people ask us to do at our tattoo shop in Naples. We can use any of these ideas as a starting point to creating a custom designed tattoo for you. Webbworks Tattoo is a friendly, clean, no-attitude tattoo shop in Naples. As part of our Tattoo Naples Program new customers receive 10% off their first tattoo.

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