Egg donation and in vitro fertilization

There are many conveniences and comforts thrown up by the advances in medicine and in vitro fertilization is one of them. And although the procedures are complicated and require skill and expertise, as a lay person it makes sense to inform oneself about the basics.

The in vitro fertilization procedure involves several steps which are aimed to enable the conceptualization in circumstances that are more conducive to it than they are otherwise. It involves the stimulation of ovaries to produce eggs. Multiple eggs are then retrieved and fertilized in the laboratory. They are further cultured till a viable human embryo is ready to be transferred into the uterus. Each of these stages involves optimizing the conditions so that the chances of producing a baby are maximized.

Of course as I wrote earlier there are lots of complexities involved and it is simply not possible to inform oneself adequately through reading about it alone. Therefore if you are seriously considering in vitro fertilization there are orientation classes for you to get comfortable with all that the process is about.

A related issue is about egg donation. When you are seeking your ultimate goal of having a baby then egg donation is something you may have to know about. This makes it possible for a wider range of persons who are facing infertility issues to be able to become a parent. Here again you will need a lot of support and care as you learn about issues such as choosing an egg donor.

In general in vitro fertilization and egg donation are issues where a person needs to be well informed and also supported through out the process so that choices can be made confidently and emotional aspects of under going the process are well provided for.

While learning about the issues and processes involved you can also learn about the associated micromanipulation techniques that may be of interest to you, such as processes to help overcome male infertility. If you visit the right place all the learning will be part of a thought out process that gives you the freedom of making a choice without subjecting you to undue pressure in arriving at a decision. You can learn more about in vitro fertilization at

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