Know About PHP to Make Career in PHP Development in India

With the IT balloon blowing even bigger new sectors of service and products are developing in India. Among them one is PHP development in India. Recently many youngsters aspiring to make a career in IT are seen taking up PHP as a career ladder to IT. They may do outstanding in learning about PHP but may fail to understand why PHP development is growing by leaps and bounds.

PHP is a web application scripting language and can be used for developing applications related to ecommerce, oil and gas, logistics, banking, retail, real estate, finance, entertainment, consulting etc.

Many people are turning to PHP development companies in India for two main reasons:

1.Cost Benefit:
When a company outsources PHP development work to a PHP development company in India it can save approximately 50% on the cost of service otherwise involved in hiring a company in there nearby area.

2.Time Zone:
The distance between the countries affects the time zone of a country and this is the biggest benefit India has. It is located in a time zone such that when it is evening in other countries the day begins in India. Hence a PHP development project outsourced to India from USA in the evening can be completed and returned back to USA when it is day there. This makes there working fast.

If you are thinking what is PHP then here is the answer for you. Hypertext Preprocessor a server side scripting language is abbreviated as PHP. It is very much similar to ASP. It is a technology used to create interactive web applications and serves as a contact point between the user who is requesting the information and the server where the information is stored. PHP is a cross platform application and so is compatible with Informix, Generic ODBC, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Solid, Sybase etc. It is open source and free to download and use. Hence the companies or individuals involved in PHP development have to bear no expenses on buying it.

Why people are interested in PHP for their web application development. The main reason why people are interested in PHP development is that it is cross platform compatible. Also developing applications using PHP is easier as compared to other platforms and so even developers charge reasonably for PHP application development. Hence it is very clear that PHP development in India has immense scope and opportunities will keep coming in.

To make a career in PHP development in India it is not important that you should have a background in information technology. Anyone can make a career in PHP development in India if he/she has knowledge of basic HTML and JavaScript. It is good if you already know these languages if not then you can learn them through online tutorials or taking up classes. Both HTML and Javascript are very easy to pick up. Once you get your basics clear PHP would be much easier to learn. PHP is of course a vast field and there will be no looking back for the right person with the right attitude towards learning it.

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